My life experiences have brought me to this place where I find myself overwhelmed with the drive/need to make photographs about who I am, what moves me, what I feel inside, and what scares me. I share my photos in hopes of leaving some permanent mark
in the world that I was here and this was my story. 

I am an artist, forever and always.

For me, photography is so much more than knowing the intricate in’s and out’s of the latest camera gear.  For me, photography is my tool for expressing my deepest fears, my biggest joys, my thoughts, and my perspective and views of the world around me. It is my instrument for dealing with and expressing my feelings of loss, grief, joy and love.  It motivates and excites me.  It makes me stay up late at night and jump out of bed in the morning.  My fine art work has been awarded and exhibited widely and I am always so in awe of the work of artists that I have been privileged to exhibit with.

The fact that I get to do what I love each and every day is something I am grateful for.

I have been honoured and humbled to have worked with people who have trusted me with their stories.  I have seen a woman with cancer cry tears of joy and gratitude after receiving her printed image from our time together, who now in remission, looks at the images that we created together as a symbol of her strength and will to live.   I have watched a woman who after losing weight, shed her inhibitions and pose with confidence in her first ever bikini, while I held back tears from behind my camera.  I have seen a ninety year old man feel youthful again during our photo shoot in a nearby playground as he retold stories of his childhood and now after his passing, know that his family treasure these images.  I have watched a woman during our photo session let go of her fears and embrace her inner strength.  When she looks at the images now, sees them as a turning point in her life and is able to see her own self worth.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity to not only work with so many inspiring individuals, but to know you.  Many of my clients have become treasured friends.  The fact that I can have an impact on someone’s life is truly the best thing that I could wish for.


Art Gallery of Hamilton Rental program (Hamilton, Ontario)

Petroff Gallery (Toronto, Ontario)

Modernfolk (Hamilton, Ontario)

Artworld Fine Art Gallery (Toronto, Ontario)

Curriculum Vitae

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