week 21

today i feel good
i walked in the water
loved how it felt under my feet
i look out in the oceans
and wonder
where the waters meet

so i walk i untill the water meets my breast
i look around and see more water
am i in the middle
where the waters meet

does it feel me
where the water meets my skin
so warm and soft
but yet so i wonder
where the waters meet

i give in to the waves
and lean till i float
close my eyes and i feel my self drift away
where the water meet i will never know

where the waves take me is where ill go
where the water meets my soul

raesheka antwine

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  1. Lora! They are gorgeous. They are so cool in black and white. Who is that running??? So mysterious and yet with an air of fun to them. Maybe you can come over in the summer and do some of my boys in our pool. I would love that – such wonderful memories of them and from such a cool angle. Lise

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